Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The animals getting in on the act

We have a number of animals living with us, cats and dogs, hens and ducks and on occasion a pair of pigs. If you knew me a few years ago you would be flabbergasted to know we know have animals as I was the most anti animal person in existance. Don't get me wrong, it's not a case of not liking them...I was just terrified of all animals.

Picasso cat was the first one to come to us, a misshapen stray wandering the carpark at work that the children took pity on.  He was soon followed by two more cats Simba and Socrates.

Picasso helping plant the peas
When we moved to a house in the country with a large garden I decided I wanted hens.  Hens are wonderful animals to have if you like to bake as the eggs from them are so delicious and so yellow that you will make the most wonderful cakes, no other flavouring needed.  My favourite is just a simple Victoria Sponge, it lets the flavour of the eggs shine.  The hens have now been joined by two ducks but they have yet to earn their keep.
The hen house is loved with a wreath
Our front door at feeding time

The two pigs arrived at the beginning of this summer.  Pinkie and Pixie had a happy life constantly escaping from Dave's farm. They are now pork roasts and bacon in the freezer.
Pinkie and Pixie
Zara dog is the latest addition to our animal family and the most surprising one.  Darling son has always wanted a dog but I have always been terrified of them.  But darling son was supposed to be leaving home and was getting a dog to join him.  Well Zara was ready to leave her doggy Mammy before darling son was ready to leave she moved in for ONE WEEK. And well they are both still here 4 months later.
Zara's first modelling assignment
I have three children, now all adults.  As children they got dragged all around the country to craft fairs that I would be selling at each weekend.  They have probably been in most of the hotels and community centres in the mid west. They also very quickly discovered that they were working children, they became models for my knitwear and got to pose on the coldest beaches and windiest mountains in woolly jumpers so I could get good publicity shoots.  This job has been passed on a selection of nieces and nephews with Leah enjoying it the most, she was born to be a model...or a hippy (but her mother doesn't agree).
Leah models and Simba joins in
So now that I am making crafts and selling online a large proportion of time is spent on product photography. I personally don't like the flat white backgrounds earnestly encouraged by Etsy, I prefer a natural outdoor background and rarely venture beyond my garden for photos. But I discovered that when I set up to take some photos I end up with a crowd of animals trying to get in on the act...they just love having their photo taken. 
I now just let them in for a few photos and then banish them to the house so I can finish off.  Somtimes though I end up with an unusual photo worth using. 
Simba and an owl wreath
Socrates and peace wreath
A spooky photo with Socrates and a star and moon wreath

I was making flower brooches and my daughter kept putting them on the brooches are now listed on Etsy as dog accessories and Zara has a full time modelling job...I pay her in long walks and doggy treats.
Now all dogs want a flower hairband
Who can resist a smile like that
We live in a lovely area with long walks along the river and by the lake...I always have my camera with me just in case I see something interesting. The wildlife along the river is wonderful in the summer and I have been lucky to get some good photos.  Though as usual the best one is always the one that got away and this summer that was a kingfisher.  Twice I was lucky enough to see that blue/green/gold sparkle, it's only for an instant but a wonderful sight.
A ladybird house along the river
Sperenza wondering can she sit on these eggs
When I go for a walk I get followed

All the wreaths pictures can be found in my Etsy shop Quirky Apple
and my new line in dog accessories has their own section here


Anne-Marie O'Rourke said...

what cuties! And that last pic is a you feel like the pied piper?

Carmen said...

What a great post Tracy:) I am glad I am not the only one that has a trail of pets following them down the road.Hope you get the picture of your kingfisher one day!

Quirky Apple said...

Picasso cat, in the top picture died last night after been very sick, poor kitty.