Sunday, June 24, 2012

A wonderful blog

I admit it, I haven't had as much time to blog in the past few weeks as I would like.  But I have been busy making things and reading other blogs.  I found this one, a great read but even better it has video tutorials on making patchwork.

I will say no more and just direct you to it, well worth a look and really old fashioned music and pictures.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New baby quilts made

I finally got some photos of these taken.  I like to take the photo's outdoors but we live in Ireland and well sometimes I think the country needs a roof on it, flooding in June.

I have been buying fabric and normally buy a few to go with each other and then when I get them home become unsure and swap them with others.  So each of these quilts was actually made with fabric bought in 3 seperate lots and mixed about a bit.
I also don't plan in great detail, a mood takes me to make a quilt, I see what colours I feel like doing and go ahead.  When making things I need spontaneity, too much planing and it becomes a chore.  Also in terms of patchwork blocks and quilting I think many would cringe at what I do.  I don't like complicated blocks or much detail, I just want to sew squares of fabrics together. And in terms of quilting, I hate it.  That is I don't enjoy the process of holding the three layers of fabric together, so it's simple straight lines for me and as little as I can get away with.

Anyway, despite all of that and the fact that I have only learnt how to use a sewing machine in the past 18 months I think I end up with pretty and useful baby quilts.

I didn't realise when making them that 3 are girl orientated so have to make more for boys.
These quilts are for sale from me online in my Etsy shop
At the Borrisokane market Friday 2pm to 6pm
and at the Limerick Milk Market Sunday


Monday, June 18, 2012

Crazy patchwork sign

I need a sign for market stall and decided it woudld be a good idea to make it myself. I "liberated" an election sign to use as the base and I am making a crazy patchwork cover and then will put lettering on it.  I thought crazy patchwork would be simple, look good and use up some of my giant basket of scraps that I can't part with.

Bad idea...

I am using the sew and flip method and it's just not working, each patch has too many sides and it's so slow having to stop and iron each time.

Will keep going, but has anyone any suggestions...I'm obviously doing something wrong.

Sandwich wrap winner

The winner is ThriftWizard with Bacon, Tomato and Rocket.  Well done and thanks to all who entered.  I need an address to post prize to.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best sandwich poll

I have taken all the suggestions for the best sandwich and picked the top four.  I have a poll running on my facebook page, so click and vote for your favourite.  One was sugggested by ThriftWizard from here.

Click here Quirky Apple to vote

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Limerick Milk Market

I have had another hectic weekend, 3 more markets. Borrisokane Food and Craft Market on Friday, Nenagh Farmers Market on Saturday and The Limerick Milk Market on Sunday.  This is my second week at the milk market.  Sunday is the slowest day so expectations where not high last week.  But this week was the garden show for Milford I expected a busy week.  There was some wonderful music on and it made a great atmophere.  There was also plenty of people around. The coffee shops all seemed to be doing a good trade and people seemed to be enjoying themselves...but they didn't seem to be spending any money.  By the end of the day I had only sold one thing for a small €4.50 and I don't think the other traders did a whole lot better.
I did get great positive feedback on my products, in particular the baby quilts...and I know that a patchwork association was in having a look.  I met a wonderful lady from USA that has owned a quilting shop and she admired the I take that as high praise.
I got a bit fed up so took some photos of the atmosphere with my phone to show you.
As I say I had a lovely time but sold nothing.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sandwich wrappers

I have been trying out new products, it's often hard to figure out what will sell.  I make things I like but have to remember that I am not all my customers. So my sister asked me to make these, sandwich wrappers.  The point being it is easy to use, resusable and doesn't need to be washed, so no wasted tin foil or sandwich bags and no lunch boxes to wash (or break).  I am getting good response to them and am celebrating with a small competition.  It's simple...tell me your favourite sandwich (here or on my facebook page).

The best three will be posted on facebook and will have a public vote for the best..and the winner get a sandwich wrapper....simple.

So have a look and see how they work.

Put the made sandwich in then centre

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday Recipe: Mint, Ginger and Courgette Soup

OK I know it's Thursday...but the bank holiday has me confused and soup is good any day.  I use this recipe when my garden goes into overdrive.  It is over run with mint, we have peppermint and spearmint.  I also grow courgettes and trust me two plants in good soil is more than enough for a family of five.  This soup is a light summer soup using both of these with some ginger added and is quick and simple...and wonderfully tasty.

A glug of oil
1 chopped onion
2cm grated fresh ginger
3 chopped courgettes
1 litre vegetabke stock
A bunch of mint

Put the oil into a pot and heat.  Sweat the onions and ginger until soft.  Add the chopped courgettes and cook for another two minutes.  Pour in the stock, bring to the boil and then simmer until the courgettes are soft.  Add in the mint leaves and using a hand blender whizz all together.  Taste and check seasoning.
This soup is good served hot with a dollop of greek yougurt, but it is even better chilled on a hot summers evening.
The mint adds a coolness and the the ginger gives it a kick.

Try it and tell me what you think.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend in London

I'm wrecked, I've had a busy week and an even busier weekend before that.  Darling husband needed to be in London...and so I went with him just for the trip.  I was looking for fabric inspiration and decided to go to fabric heaven, Liberty.  It was great, rolls of fabric everywhere.  I really liked this Tana Lawn but resisted temptation to buy it...but have it in mind for when I am tall and skinny and twenty years younger and need an expensive handmade dress.

The shop had an amazing selection of not only their own fabric but also some other designers such as Amy Butler.  It was great to get to see so many in one location.  The shop is a wonderful destination in itself just to look at the architecture and layout.  And when we visited it was in total jubilee mood.

Then under the advice of my wonderful friends at Creative Living I headed to Berwick Street to see more fabric shops all together.  I went into about 5 in all but the best was The Cloth House.  This is actually two shops at different ends of the street, one with fashion fabrics and one with more craft fabrics and cottons.  Here I agonised over some hand printed Indian cotton, all of the designs where amazing and it took a huge amount of self control to only choose 3 colourways.  I had summer scarves in mind to make with it but now think maybe summer hats or bags...oh so many ideas and so few hours to sew.

As well as a day spent shopping we also spent Sunday afternoon strolling around Greenwich.  I shopped in the market and bought some mad trousers and a green summer dress in Quetzal and have been wearing them constantly since.  We walked around the observatory and sat with the crowds on the green eating ice-cream. On Monday we visited Kew Gardens and had a wonderful hot day admiring exotic plants in the hot houses.  I took some wonderful photos and am trying to figure out a way to incorporate them into crafts.  I was thinking of printing them on fabric and embellishing with embroidery and beads and making small pictures with them. Have a look, what do you think?