Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random catch-up

Thankfully I have been really busy lately and not had a chance to blog. Well that was partly because I have had IT problems aswell.   Ages ago I managed to trip over my laptop cable and broke the connector part in the laptop. It means I can't charge it now.  Once a week I work in a centre with the same laptop and I use that one to charge my battery, so I only have about 3 hours battery a week.  Now if only I knew someone who works it IT that could fix it for me...oh wait, yes I husband.  But well you know what they say about the cobblers children.

Craft catch-up, nothing to report.  Nothing at all. I haven't made anything since christmas.  I did start to knit myself a sleevless jumper but haven't bothered with that for a week or so.

Market catch-up: This has been keeping me busy. I have Nenagh Market on Saturday and Borrisokane every Friday.  Along with selling local cheeses I have been working on some recipes of my own to  make food.  We have hens and ducks producing eggs and soon (if the weather improves) we will have loads of fresh veg aswell.  So I have been looking at what I have and trying to add value to it.  I am making barley cous cous salad, buckwheat tabboulah salad and quiche.  I have tried a few variations and settled on four quiche varieties; bacon and cheese, tomato and cheese, brie/onion/cranberry and thyme and finally spinach, goats cheese and peppers.  I have regular and gluten/wheat free available. For the Borrisokane market I also make brown bread and banana bread.  I need to find another market each week to go to and have been talking to local county councils all week to find a suitable one.

Garden catch-up: The tunnel is up but no work done inside yet. The hens and ducks have been living inside and done a great job clearing out all the weeds.  I am waiting on raised beds to be dug and we have a pile of manure and a pile of topsoil waiting to go in.  I got some grow bags and have salads, radishes and beetroot sown in them.  I also got some IKEA bags, each can hold 1 bag of compost, and they have carrots and potatoes growing in them.  Outside potatoes, garlic, onions and more carrots are growing.  Inside I have a huge amount of seedlings all over the house; tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, chillis, peas, cabbage, sprouts, pumpkins, courgettes, cucumber, sweetcorn, physalis, melons, bulb fennel, random mixed squash, parsley and coriander.  I haven't sown any root veg as I really prefer to sow them direct so am waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the weather to improve.

That's it, the sun is out so I am off to the garden.