Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Backhanded compliments

The weather has finally started to behave itself and my wardrobe screamed with excitment.  I can finally stop wearing leggings and wellies and big woolly jumpers and ear warmers.  At last with a bit of scrubbing and some other body maintainence summer clothes and sandals can come out.

Or so I thought...
I am at work today so thought a light cotton shirt and white linen trousers would work...but I'm having a fat day and the white linen trousers wouldn't co-operarate. I had a root through and found something to wear including a green fancy t-shirt/top from  M&S 3 years ago that is fairly respectable.  When I put it on it reminded me of a back-handed compliment I got from someone know when they mean to give you a compliment and it goes wrong.  It set me off thinking about a number of these I have received.

So, the one with the green top went as follows:
I was teaching a class and at the break one of the older ladies came up to me,
Her: I love your top, it's so bright
Me: Thanks, it's really comfortable for work
Her: Were did you get it, I haven't seen it around
Me: Marks and Spencer's
Her: Was it recently, I might pop in
Me: No, it was last spring I got it
Her: That's a pity, it would be perfect on my daughter...she has a really big belly too.

How do you respond to that.....

Another one was a family member at our house at Christmas, me in a floaty top.
Her: That top is really nice on you, the shape suits you.
Me: Thanks, I didn't want a whole new outfit, I had the trousers and was lucky to find this top in Next last week.
Her: Wow, you were very lucky, I didn't think they did sizes that big

One night after a hectic day at work I stopped at the Chinese takeaway to get a lazy dinner for us all. The owner knows us all and had a surprised look on her face when she seen me and asked was I sick, nope, I replied and she said there was something wrong with my hair so she thought I was sick.  I just replied that I was trying to save a little money and hadn't got my hair colour done.  She was very surprised and said she didn't realise I was that old!!!!!!

A short final one...someone came into the office looking for me but didn't know my name..she asked for the pleasant stout girl.

So, have you ever received a similar "compliment?


Elettrarossa said...

Anytime I go back to Italy someone must say I look "better", which means "fatter"...But the looks they give to my belly are even worst :D

Quirky Apple said...

May have got one from Darling Husband last week, he asked me "Do you need money to get your hair done dear?"