Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend make-a-long: Welly garden

Apologies for this being late and also in terms of a make-a-long it's a bit of a cop out. I have had such a busy week and weekend, good I suppose.  So this week it was about re-using or upcycling things about the house.  We all have wellies, well I mean you need them in the country.  But some of them are a bit old and had perished and no longer no longer a functioning welly.  These wellies have served us well, they have been on welly walks, they have been puddle jumping with nieces and nephews and cousins, they have forded many a stream and more importantly kept us cosy at more than one Slane concert.  I believe they have seen The Rolling Stones, Madonna and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  So with service like that they deserve more than the bin, in fact they need a new purpose in life where they can be admired.

And so they became a welly herb garden.

I just plonked them on the ground but some of them seemed to have taken on a human stance and attitude of their own.  These were mine so naturally I prefer them.

I filled the bottom with stones, up to about ankle length.  This was to provide drainage and also stability, I don't want them blowing over.  It was suggested that I put drainage holes in them first but I didn't as I didn't have anything to hand to do that and also they had holes in them anyway...that's why they didn't work as wellies.  Then in went potting compost, the herbs and some more compost to fill up gaps, plenty of water and that was that.  For me the advantage of this welly garden is they are too small for the hens and cats to want to sit in and to tall for them to pee or poop in.  That was the problem I had with window boxes, they have just become locations for animals to lie in and sunbathe. I went to Woodies yesterday to get some plants and couldn't believe that the first thing I saw was a ceramic plant pot shaped like a pair of wellies...mine are better.


goodmoments said...

I think-this is funny and good idea:D

Maria Home Decorations said...

Brilliant! There is currently eleven pairs under my stairs for some reason, I may borrow your idea!

Quirky Apple said...

Hi Maria, 11 is a good number, I know when the children were little we had loads in different sizes. Big and little ones would look so cute. Zara, the pup, has now decided to eat my new wellies, I have given her an old one to chew but no, she wants the new ones