Monday, October 22, 2012


Thats the only way to describe it.  I have finally been hit by a bug that has been doing the rounds...I normally avoid these things but this one got me.

And such a week to have me at my lowest.

So short verison, Limerick Craft and Design should be finally opening this week and I not only want to get in to see it and work but want to get more stock ready for it.

This weekend sees the first ever (hopefully to be annual event) Etsy Ireland Toejam and minimall at GBS Dublin. Not only am I selling at this fair and getting to finally meet for real all the wonderful people from Etsy Ireland but have also promised to sell for another craftworker Puffin Patchwork.

I also have the Borrisokane and Nenagh farmers markets on Friday and Saturday to sell my local cheeses.  Yes, I can see that there is an overlap there with Toejam and Nenagh market but I CAN be in two places at one time...can't I?

And then finally on Sunday I have the wonderful Cloughtoberfest were I will be manning the cheese tent beside the beer tent so that we can have local farm cheese and local craft beer pairings.

Along with that I still have my usual classes to teach Monday-Thursday....and my body has decided to be sick and not obey me in any way and all it wants to do is lie down and sleep.

Suggestion  for cures please....thanks Tracy

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