Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas is coming

Only 41 days left to go (yep, really, it's THAT soon) and November is normally a great shopping month.  I love the build up to christmas, I love the sparkle, I love the baking, I love the planning and plotting and I love making the Christmas decorations and food.  Yep, I love all the planning but quite often get started early on plans and then most things get left to the last minute, like the tree and decorations. 

And then I hate taking it all down again, I feel the house looks "sad" with all of it's finery gone.  Last year I made mats and a wreath for our table..I loved it and wanted the table to stay looking like this forever.

Well I don't live on my own and the family insisted that by the end of January the Christmas decorations needed to come down.  So I decided to make "non Christmas" decorations.  I would make a seasonal wreath for the table centre. The first season was the season of love and so the Heart Wreath  was made.
Then I decided to make non specific wreaths, ones that have no season, to be used on your table, on a wall or on a door. One of my favourites was the Night Owl wreath.
Obviously many still consider wreaths a Christmas item so this year for my Etsy shop and Limerick Craft and Design I decided to make loads of Christmas ones with snowmen and gingerbread and trees but also a range of "Not Just for Christmas" decorations which includes wreaths and tree hanging decorations. I am not suggesting keeping a christmas tree up all year long but many of us have a large plant or a bundle of twigs that can be prettified.  I also like hanging decorations on netting or muslin tied to a bed post. In fact these were one of the most popular sellers I had in the pop up shop in Clifden this summer.
Baa...Connemara sheep

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Anne-Marie O'Rourke said...

that's a great idea for the table centre piece. And I love the apples!!! You could hang them in your kitchen all year round too.