Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New week, new products, new room.

Well it's a new week already and I have have been really busy.  I got the Etsy site all sorted and am now up and running, you can find it here
I have also decided on some new items to make and am busy now with phone charms and bookmarks.
This has all caused a disagreement at home, I like to sew at night while watching the TV, darling daughter 2 then complains about the light being left on.  So, I have rearranged one of the rooms and I now have my own sitting room at home that I can watch TV and sew, or just chill out, or just listen to music, or drink a glass of wine, or.....nope better not say that!!!
I just need to  make curtains for it now, I went to IKEA and bought 12metres of this fabric so I will be even busier now this weekend.

SOLRUN Fabric, multicolour Width: 150 cm Pattern repeat: 92 cm

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Quirky Apple said...

Well curtains are now made and room is all sorted. I even planted window boxes outside full of spring bulbs and flowers so I get to see bright colours all the time.