Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slow cooker cooking

So...I got a slow cooker for my birthday and I have been using it non stop since. It's a small one, about 3L capacity, and not a posh brand just Tesco brand...but it's great. So the first thing cooked in it was porridge. I put it in at about 11pm and left in on high, darling husband turned it to medium at about 1pm and then at 7pm I was up and put it back up to high. Good porridge, no stirring and the crock pot is really easy to clean.
So I also cooked oxtail in it. I got three pieces large pieces of oxtail for about €6, I browned it in the pan first and put it into the slow cooker. Then I browned a whole heap of onions as well with some smoked paprika and tomato paste and put that on top of the oxtail. Then into the pot went chopped peppers, chopped carrots, chopped leek and celery. I deglazed the pan with red wine and poured that over the oxtail aswell. I covered with quartered maushrooms and topped up with water....and then left if cooking overnight on high. The following morning I took out the oxtail and it just fell off the bone. I put the meat back into the pot and left it all to cool and then was able to take of the fat. Heated it up again and it was great. The next day I made an oxtail pie with ready made puff pastry, very tasty.

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Kadeeae said...

Adore my SC & oxtail is a big fav here too! :)