Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wednesday recipe:Tripe and tomato

Another slow cooker success.  Darling husband wanted to have tripe...and well I have to say YUCK.  Anyway, he wanted it and I felt like experimenting and it was cheap.  So I was in Limerick and found a butcher selling it and got 0.75kilo. I asked was it fully prepared and an elderly lady there told me to boil it for 10 minutes, throw off the water and then cook it in milk with onions.  I know this has been the traditional way here to cook it but not what I was going to do.
So, I washed it well, put in a pot of cold water, brought to the boil and simmered for 10 suggested.  While this was happening I sliced up 3 onions and sweated in olive oil until soft and then stirred in some tomato paste and cooked this out.  I drained the tripe and cut it into slices and put this into slow cooker.  I added a glass of red wine to the onions, cooked it out a bit and poured on top of the tripe.  To this I added two chopped carrots and some chopped leek, some mixed dried herbs and a carton of tomato passata.  I then topped up with water to cover (I used the tomato passata carton to make sure I got all the passata out) and left on high until it came to a bubble and then turned to medium and left on overnight.  In the morning it was all cooked and the tripe soft and tender...well so I've been told, I didn't eat it.  This did him for 3 meals...and he's a big eater.
It must have been a sucess as he has asked fo it again.  The 0.75kilo of tripe cost me €4.50.

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