Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wednesday recipe: Banana Bread

Again I have found the Avoca recipe to be the best, with just a few additions from me.
Banana Bread

225g plain flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 heaped tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
110g caster sugar
1 egg beaten
75ml sunflower oil
few drops of vanilla essence
3 large ripe bananas mashed

Really brown bananas are best for these.  You need to mash them really well and get all the lumps out before you start the rest of the mixture.

1.     Sift the flour, salt, baking powder and cinnamon into a bowl and stir in the sugar.
2.     Measure the sunflower oil into a jug and stir in the beaten egg.
3.     Stir the mashed bananas into the oil and egg mixture and combine gently.
4.     Fold the banana mixture into the flower mixture carefully.
5.     Pour into a 2lb loaf tin and bake in an oven at 180°C for 50-60 mins.
6.     Leave in the tin for 10 mins and then put on a wire rack to cool.
7.     Slice carefully and eat.

This is good with some chopped nuts or raisins added to the flour mixture.
If you don’t like cinnamon use nutmeg or nutmeg and a little bit of ginger.

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Quirky Apple said...

Well we made this last night and all came home from the class with headaches. Nothiung to do with the baking but the builders outside the window with loud jackhammers taking down the wall. They stopped for a few minutes when we opend the window and gave them some cake. So banana bread was a success and Shannon showed us all how to make Mars Bar cake. It was delicious but the sugar buzz I got from it stayed all night and I couldn't sleep.