Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New wreaths made

Well I got these two finshed this week and up for sale on Etsy already,
Small hearts is on a 6" base and then "Peace", which I really love, is 12" base and lots of white and cream.  It really is very effective.  I am now working a one called "Night Owls" and hope to get it done this weekend.
I have been researching design ideas and concepts and am absolutely loving "Steampunk".  I got two books about it Steampunk softies and Steampunkery: Polymer Clay  And while I may not go as far as the whole amazing Victoriana steam clockwork fantasy it has made me look at "found" objects with a more critical eye, like using old zippers and keys and bits like that.  One of my handbags has just given up and it has loads of little catches and giant zippers on it so I am going to try to use them.  Metal bottles tops also appeal to me, to beat flat and use as buttons, we will see, all I need is time.

Anyway, here are the two new wreaths, let me know what you think.  I need to get back to work.
Small heart wreath, €20

Peace wreath, €57

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