Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birr Craft Fair

Wow, is it over a week since I blogged, shame on me. I am off work this week but that has meant I am even more busy than usual.  We had no cookery class last week or this, hence the lack of Wednesday's recipe and I was at a craft fair on Saturday so no make-a-long on Friday. I was invited to the craft fair at Birr Castle on Saturday.  They had a craft fair and food market in the courtyard and an Easter Egg hunt in the grounds for children.  We were very lucky with the weather as it was stormy on Friday but the wind and rain stayed away on Saturday...though it was very dull.  I brought my new product, picnic sets, with me and they got a very favourable response.  I was also lucky enough to use the setting to get some new pictures of them.  I met some wonderful people and got invited to some more craft fairs over the summer....ooooo it feels good to be back at fairs and selling to people.  It means more sewing for me and I already have three new products in mind all directly inspired by some weird and wonderful fabrics I sourced.  Off  to sew, here are some photos of the day.
Our view of the courtyard
Some of the other stands
The Easter Bunny
New product Apples picnic set
New Product Spring Picnic Set
New Product Watermelon Picnic set

Quirky Apple stand


goodmoments said...

congratulation!Nice place for sell handmade goods,and your items are beautiful.

Quirky Apple said...

Thanks, I need to work on displaying the table mats well...any sugestions?

Mouflon said...

Beautiful new range, I particularly like the apple design, and what a setting for selling and photos!

Quirky Apple said...

Thanks, I got "unoffical permission" to sneak in a find a picnic table...pity the weather was so dull.

Elettrarossa said...

Great place! I love your stall (and crafts) :D

Maria Home Decorations said...

Love the stall, very eniticing. The picnic sets are lovely. I hope you made plenty of sales!