Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's catch-up

Well, what a busy week.  Sewing, baking, going to parades, setting up a market, meeting new people (hello Chelo, hello Michael), taking pictures for others (hello Donna, Catriona and Miriam) never mind the full-time job I have.
Anyway, so plans for this week.  Well right now I'm chilling with a glass of wine and watching Spartagus on Sky+ (and blogging, doh). I haven't got the van emptied yet so need to do that. Then tomorrow morning I want to get loads of new product photos taken an get new items listed with Etsy for sale.  You can find the my Etsy shop over on right side of this page, click a product link and it will take you to the shop.  Anyway because I am still in holiday mood I have a special offer on Etsy, free shipping on all products to Ireland and UK...enter the code Irishmadness1 at the checkout.  This madness runs until Easter Saturday.  New products will be available on sale from this Wednesday.

I need to organise Thursday's cookery class.  We will be making flapjakes and other tray sorry ladies but calorie high.
Friday then it is house cleaning day and cooking for the weekend.  It's darling husbands birthday and I am having all his family over for lunch on Sunday...17 at last count...and I would like to get food started early.  I'm thinking of fish pie, chicken and broccoli pie, beef and guiness pie (but using oxtail and ox tongue), some wilted greens and baked potataoes.  How does that sound? Mmmmmm

That leaves me no time to sew or craft...and I want to make a new wreath to go with easter table mats as they are having their first use for family lunch.  Hmmm will see how it goes.

...and I need to go to work aswell.

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