Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Wasn't it a great day today.  I was woken by he hens at 7.20am and couldn't belive it was already so bright and sunny out...freezing but bright and sunny.  The hens were making a big racket and I think it's beacuse of the cockrel next door..he's crowing all morning and I think they want to get to him.
I got the sewing machine sorted and finished the baby quilt yesterday.  Áine wanted a penguin so I tried to make a template this morning and made a cute little stuffed penguin.  He looks good and I've called him Peadar, I want make some more but need to work on the pattern a bit.
I went out for a walk in the sunshine, a big wooly jumper, hand made mittens and a headwarmer all kept me cosy.  I only intended on walking to the bridge but came back all along the river so was walking for about 90 minutes.  I seen the first swan pair of the year on the river but couldn't get close enough to get a picture. Swan's are so graceful and pretty...I think I'll make some swan bookmarks.  As I was walking I was looking for great places to take new product photo shots and so if the weather is good will be out tomorrow with my camera. Will post pictures tomorrow. 

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