Monday, March 12, 2012

New week, busy week.

Hi all, hasn't it been a wonderful weekend weather wise.  I know it is now March but after last winter I am still expecting a cold spell.  I hope now that Spring is here and we are free now from winter storms.  Garden's are beginning to grow and it's great to see all the spring bulbs out and hear the birds everywhere. I got himself to go for a walk with me yesterday along the river bank, we were walking for about two hours.  There are now plenty of birds and fowl nesting along the banks and I hope to see loads of little chicks swimming in the water soon.
So home then and down to loads of sewing. The Borrisokane Community Forum are holding a market this Sunday in the town and I have been asked to take a stand.  So out came all the fabric and I have been busy making table mats and baby quilts.  OF COURSE I ran out of batting and backing and so need to get to Limerick today to visit the Limerick Quilt Centre and Hickey's to stock up.  If the market goes well they hope to have it as a weekly event.
And finally look what Gráinne sent me, a picture of her absolutely gorgeous son Cathal "modelling" a quilt I made her.  I wonder can I borrow him for a few more product shots...what do you think Gráinne, it could be the beginning of a lucrative career.

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