Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend plans...

..gone the wrong way.

So, I finished work at 12noon today.  Stayed around "gossiping" (having a planning meeting) for about an hour.  Heading off for lunch at office with husband and daughter and then got in the car to head to Limerick.

I had it all planned, a weekend of sewing.  Finsh off lilac babyquilt, finsh Easter table mats, start new babyquilt and make a stuffed Penguin (yes Áine...a stuffed penguin).

So headed to Limerick to Quilt Centre and bough VITAL fabric supplies.  Drove home and collected eggs from hens, then called over to my wonderful neighbour Liz and asked would she give me the loan of her curvy cutting ruler for 6 eggs.  She was happy with the trade and also gave me 2 metres of backing fabric and a metre of batik fabric...a great deal for me.

So in I headed to the house, took out the sewing machine and

aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhh, it won't work. 
It keeps catching the bobbin.  I stripped it down, cleaned and oiled it but no good.  I have no sewing machine this weekend.

Am I glad I bought two bottles of I have no excuse not to drink them.
Unfortunately I also have no excuse now to get out of cleaning the kitchen.

Enjoy your weekend, love Tracy

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