Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day market and parade, Borrisokane

Well, I told everyone I was coming home to blog about today.  Connection is very poor and I can't upload pics just now but will do so in the morning. Anyway, I finished getting everything ready last night at 11pm and was up early today and got van packed ready to go.  Amazingly it looks loads in the house but packs up neat and tidy.  The weather was fantastic and the skies were clear all day...unlike yesterday when we had rain all day.  We arrived in Borrisokane and the townspeople did themselves proud with flags and bunting everywhere and all the shop windows decorated. 
We set up the market opposite the viewing stand and thought this would be great...but I found myself coming home with a sore throat from shouting over the sound of the music.
We didn't sell out but I had a great day and got to meet loads of new people and show them my crafts...and hopefully get them to read this blog and see us on facebook and hello and please comment below.
Irish bike
April and Oisín all dressd up for the parade
The mayor leading the parade waiting on the band to catch up

Customers at the market


MrsL said...

Looks like a brilliant day, thanks for sharing :)


Quirky Apple said...

Thanks MrsL, often the big parades are shown on the news but there is nothing like a local parade. We were wondering who would actually be watching the parade because thge whole town was in it, more pics later.

Elettrarossa said...

Just joyful :D