Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Limerick Milk Market

I have had another hectic weekend, 3 more markets. Borrisokane Food and Craft Market on Friday, Nenagh Farmers Market on Saturday and The Limerick Milk Market on Sunday.  This is my second week at the milk market.  Sunday is the slowest day so expectations where not high last week.  But this week was the garden show for Milford I expected a busy week.  There was some wonderful music on and it made a great atmophere.  There was also plenty of people around. The coffee shops all seemed to be doing a good trade and people seemed to be enjoying themselves...but they didn't seem to be spending any money.  By the end of the day I had only sold one thing for a small €4.50 and I don't think the other traders did a whole lot better.
I did get great positive feedback on my products, in particular the baby quilts...and I know that a patchwork association was in having a look.  I met a wonderful lady from USA that has owned a quilting shop and she admired the I take that as high praise.
I got a bit fed up so took some photos of the atmosphere with my phone to show you.
As I say I had a lovely time but sold nothing.

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Elettrarossa said...

Your stall is wonderful!!!