Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend in London

I'm wrecked, I've had a busy week and an even busier weekend before that.  Darling husband needed to be in London...and so I went with him just for the trip.  I was looking for fabric inspiration and decided to go to fabric heaven, Liberty.  It was great, rolls of fabric everywhere.  I really liked this Tana Lawn but resisted temptation to buy it...but have it in mind for when I am tall and skinny and twenty years younger and need an expensive handmade dress.

The shop had an amazing selection of not only their own fabric but also some other designers such as Amy Butler.  It was great to get to see so many in one location.  The shop is a wonderful destination in itself just to look at the architecture and layout.  And when we visited it was in total jubilee mood.

Then under the advice of my wonderful friends at Creative Living I headed to Berwick Street to see more fabric shops all together.  I went into about 5 in all but the best was The Cloth House.  This is actually two shops at different ends of the street, one with fashion fabrics and one with more craft fabrics and cottons.  Here I agonised over some hand printed Indian cotton, all of the designs where amazing and it took a huge amount of self control to only choose 3 colourways.  I had summer scarves in mind to make with it but now think maybe summer hats or bags...oh so many ideas and so few hours to sew.

As well as a day spent shopping we also spent Sunday afternoon strolling around Greenwich.  I shopped in the market and bought some mad trousers and a green summer dress in Quetzal and have been wearing them constantly since.  We walked around the observatory and sat with the crowds on the green eating ice-cream. On Monday we visited Kew Gardens and had a wonderful hot day admiring exotic plants in the hot houses.  I took some wonderful photos and am trying to figure out a way to incorporate them into crafts.  I was thinking of printing them on fabric and embellishing with embroidery and beads and making small pictures with them. Have a look, what do you think?


Maria Home Decorations said...

I am officially jealous! Its such a shame there is no fabric shops like that here (well if there is I havent found them!) Was the fabric expensive in Liberty? I'd say you could spend a lot in very little time. What an amazing building! Love the flower pics.

Quirky Apple said...

Yes, Liberty fabric was expensive, I think it was £20 a for special occasions only. said...

Love your blog.
Heading to London soon and planning my trip around the Fabric and Button and Bead shops is as much fun as doing it - nearly !!
I am setting myself a long list - hope I get to them all.
Liberty and Cloth house were on my agenda too !!
Can't wait.