Monday, June 18, 2012

Crazy patchwork sign

I need a sign for market stall and decided it woudld be a good idea to make it myself. I "liberated" an election sign to use as the base and I am making a crazy patchwork cover and then will put lettering on it.  I thought crazy patchwork would be simple, look good and use up some of my giant basket of scraps that I can't part with.

Bad idea...

I am using the sew and flip method and it's just not working, each patch has too many sides and it's so slow having to stop and iron each time.

Will keep going, but has anyone any suggestions...I'm obviously doing something wrong.


Mouflon said...

Is it possible to iron each piece onto interfacing then just overlock them neatly into place?

Elettrarossa said...

...I have no clue, sorry! Let us know!

Quirky Apple said...

Thanks, Mouflan that's what I normally do on smaller pieces but this was large.