Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New baby quilts made

I finally got some photos of these taken.  I like to take the photo's outdoors but we live in Ireland and well sometimes I think the country needs a roof on it, flooding in June.

I have been buying fabric and normally buy a few to go with each other and then when I get them home become unsure and swap them with others.  So each of these quilts was actually made with fabric bought in 3 seperate lots and mixed about a bit.
I also don't plan in great detail, a mood takes me to make a quilt, I see what colours I feel like doing and go ahead.  When making things I need spontaneity, too much planing and it becomes a chore.  Also in terms of patchwork blocks and quilting I think many would cringe at what I do.  I don't like complicated blocks or much detail, I just want to sew squares of fabrics together. And in terms of quilting, I hate it.  That is I don't enjoy the process of holding the three layers of fabric together, so it's simple straight lines for me and as little as I can get away with.

Anyway, despite all of that and the fact that I have only learnt how to use a sewing machine in the past 18 months I think I end up with pretty and useful baby quilts.

I didn't realise when making them that 3 are girl orientated so have to make more for boys.
These quilts are for sale from me online in my Etsy shop
At the Borrisokane market Friday 2pm to 6pm
and at the Limerick Milk Market Sunday



Mouflon said...

I especially love the colours in the first one!

goodmoments said...

my favirite is the last one:))- I love pink colour:)

Maria Home Decorations said...

Beautiful work! I love the boys one, great mix of colours. Well done!

Geraldine said...

Love the way you mix the colours and how you edge your quilts. Just gorgeous.

Quirky Apple said...

Thanks all, well I tried to list them on Etsy and I just dont seem to be able to upload pics, our connection has gone so slow. I wish Etsy had a draft save option as I had everything written while trying to upload. Anyway off to Limerick now to buy sewing machine needles as I have broken the last one making keyrings.

elettrarossa said...

Just wonderful! Your quilts are impressive!