Friday, June 8, 2012

Sandwich wrappers

I have been trying out new products, it's often hard to figure out what will sell.  I make things I like but have to remember that I am not all my customers. So my sister asked me to make these, sandwich wrappers.  The point being it is easy to use, resusable and doesn't need to be washed, so no wasted tin foil or sandwich bags and no lunch boxes to wash (or break).  I am getting good response to them and am celebrating with a small competition.  It's simple...tell me your favourite sandwich (here or on my facebook page).

The best three will be posted on facebook and will have a public vote for the best..and the winner get a sandwich wrapper....simple.

So have a look and see how they work.

Put the made sandwich in then centre


thriftwizard said...

Ooooh, nice idea! My favourite sarnie has to be bacon, tomato & rocket.


Elettrarossa said...

I love that! Very handy and stylish!

goodmoments said...

good idea!:)

Maria Home Decorations said...

A great idea and very stylish too. Would be great for kids lunches too, I waste bags every day on them. My favourite sandwich is roast chicken (preferrably warm!), stuffing on buttered bread. Now I feel hungry..

Quirky Apple said...

Chicken and stuffing seems to be very popular